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This week I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather & wishing I was under the covers, but the zombie job responsibilities kept me slaving away at my desk. But now the weekend is here & there is fun to be had. Let the crafting & gaming begin!

How many of you saw my tweets & Google+ posts about our weekend shenanigans?

Our Towerfall Live Stream

For those of you that took a break from social media this past weekend, Josh & I got together with a couple of our gaming crew & gave the world a peek at what madness ensues when we get together. That’s right folks! We did our very first*, & certainly not last, live stream while we played a very addicting & awesome indie game, Towerfall by Matt Thorson.

*Warning: our live stream is not safe for work or young ears. We get rather rowdy!*

We had such a blast gaming & chatting with the viewers that we’ve decided to bring everyone back to our living room for a little more madness this weekend. Not quite sure what bat time or bat channel this mayhem will happen, but you can rest assured that I will send out that information throughout social media land as soon as I know more details. So if you missed out last weekend, don’t make that same mistake this weekend!

If you didn’t make it all the way through those 4 hours of madness, we did a little impromptu costume change during intermission. Each adorning our noggin’ with a favorite silly hat. Ever since that night, I’ve been dreaming up & sketching beanie designs for future streams (maybe even for future shops?). Who would’ve thought live stream gaming would inspire more crafting?!  

Do you have a favorite silly accessory?

In honor of the silly hat tribute, I’ve got a few fun projects up my sleeve. One of which might be featured during this live stream, if I can finish it in time. My other WIP is the much anticipated Where the Wild Things Are hoodie that will definitely make an appearance in a future stream!




  1. Joie Fatale says

    My favorite silly accessory would have to be my Oosaki Nana faux-Westwood Armor ring.
    It’s a piece of costume jewelry, and I LOVE to wear it; especially when I need a boost of bad-assery!

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