Craft Rooms and Distractions | Yarn

Right now we are in the middle of turning our nerd abode upside-down. This winter we got the bright idea to swap our shared office with my craft room, which made complete sense since my (now former) craft room was actually the bigger of the two spare rooms. What I didn’t think about was how I would cram all my craft supplies and tools in a smaller room, when I had to down-size a bit in the first place. Maybe I am a craft hoarder?

Like my friend Amanda, I prefer to look at it as collecting.

There are two things I seem to collect a lot of: writing utensils and yarn. You’ve heard of retail therapy, right? Well when I am stressed or feel completely horrible, my retail therapy usually takes me to the craft store or office supply store. And let’s just say that I’ve had my fair share of stress and yucky days in the past.

Since I need to figure out a way to make extra room, or get my hands on Mary Poppins bag, I’ve decided to get a little creative with how it gets done. My favorite organizing tip is to have it serve multiple purposes, and the quickest ways we can do that are:

  • Find beautiful storage options that can organize the supplies while also becoming part of the room’s decor.
  • Use up some of the excess supplies to make storage.

I’m sure I have plenty of yarn to crochet up some bins to store my epic pen stash, but while searching my favorite source of patterns (Ravelry) I found another option that excites me a bit more: pen cozies!

A few favorites for inspiration?

Lettuce Leaf Pen Cozy by Twinkie Chan
Food-inspired Pen Cozies | via Twinkie Chan
Bunny Pen Cozies by Annoo Crochet Designs
Bunny Pen Cozies | via Annoo Crochet Designs

Yep, my love for things with ears might just get passed on to pens cozies too.

There are a few pens in my possession that could never be covered by a cozy, like Yoda, but there is also quite the collection of boring pens that need a little sprucing up (and maybe a new home). Looks like I’ve found my next project to work on when we marathon a new favorite show!

Maybe this can help me get rid of that small-ish tote of nothing but yarn scraps. Now I consider that a win!

What are some of your favorite craft storage solutions?

What would be the inspiration for your pen cozy?