FO Alert | Another Scotty Pegg

FO Alert | Scotty Pegg Hat

We all know I have a nerdy kind of love for Simon Pegg, but it’s pretty much a family thing. As soon as one of us heard about a new Simon Pegg movie coming to theaters, Facebook messages get sent out to plan our next family movie outing. And we usually end up taking up an entire row in the theater. So it should be no surprise that the Scotty hat is on my list of favorite patterns & most knitted pattern I’ve used in my library.

Do you have a favorite & often repeated project?

It all started when Josh & went to see Star Trek in theaters. I was not a big fan of the show or previous movies, but it had one big selling point for me so I joined the guys at the theater. And my hat-loving husband (who was just a boyfriend at the time) quickly made a request for one of those awesome hats that our favorite nerdy actor was wearing.

Since that first project, I have made a cute pink version for my best friend’s baby girl & now this third project can be added to the list. I am stopping hat thievery one Scotty hat at a time!

Scotty Pegg Hat

I think I’ll be next in line for this hat, once I get my two sweater projects & the Chocolate beanie off the UFO list. And with the next round of polar vortex weather coming our way, I better get to stitching!

What projects can you add to the FO Alert?

Now that I’ve put the finishing touches on this hat, I have one more hat to put a few more stitches on before I can get to gauging for my sweater & designing a beanie.

Inspiration | Designing for My Favorite Geek

One thing can be said for our household: we love Simon Pegg! You see it in our recently watched, our reading & even in our accessories. It’s even in my crafting, which brings us back to our accessories.

Scotty's Hat
4-Panel Scotty’s Hat Pattern | via Aggregate

A favorite go-to knitting pattern I came across is the Scotty Hat, a replication of the awesome hat Pegg wore in Star Trek. It’s a pretty easy pattern, but still has a little something there to not make it monotonous. Plus it’s just fun to wear! One of the last projects I’m finishing from my 2013 projects is the 3rd one of these I’ve made, because my “little” sister-in-law keeps trying to steal Josh’s every time he wears it. Maybe it will soon be my turn for a Scotty Hat…in pink!

After our New Year’s marathon of Spaced, I realized that I still haven’t made Josh the Chocolate beanie he’s requested from that show. I found a pattern that is based off the hat, but it’s not identical. So you know what that means? It’s time to hit the designing board (and maybe have another Spaced marathon…for research *wink wink*)!

Simon Pegg & his Chocolate beanie
Tim (Simon Pegg) & his Chocolate beanie | via

This will be my first time designing a pattern to replicate something we’ve seen, but there is always a first time for everything. And this is my year to try new things!

Any knitting design tips for a n00b designer?

I would love to design this pattern where others could replicate it, because we can all use a little more Simon Pegg in our lives.  Plus have you seen the number of people looking to buy or make this beanie?!

The note taking has begun.

The yarn has been acquired.

So I guess it’s time to the let the knitting begin!

What nerd accessory would you love to replicate for your own collection?

Sometimes it’s easy to find patterns to recreate your favorite nerd accessories. But there have also been many late nights spent searching, only to end in disappointment. If all goes well, maybe this will be the beginning of something beautiful…& nerdy!

FO Alert | First Dog Sweater

FO Alert | Dog Sweater

I have so much love for the movie Legally Blonde. Surprising, right?

Elle & I actually have a little bit in common, but one thing we don’t agree on is dog clothing. While I love my pups & consider them part of my family, I don’t go as far as dressing them up for special occasions. Or every day, poor Bruiser. Momma Bear on the other hand would drop everything to make them tutus if my no ever became a yes.

But there is one exception to my rule.

No it’s not a K-9 costume at Halloween (although I’ve considered it for all of 30 seconds a few times). It’s winter. I just can’t handle seeing a pup shivering because of the cold. It’s for that very reason that Dade & Skylar have matching handmade hoodies tucked away in our closet.

So when Josh’s aunt asked me if I would make a little sweater for her 8 pound pup, I just couldn’t say no. Sure we saw some rather warm temps this past weekend, but Kentucky can get pretty darn chilly this time of year. I can’t have a tiny pup shivering because of my stance on dog clothing!

So a week after finding the pattern & casting on, there was a tiny dog sweater completed. With no super tiny pup at home to try it on, I instantly grabbed my nearest skein of yarn to keep it warm on the chilly night to come.

Dog Sweater

The chilly temps have started to come back, so I finished this just in time. Now to hand it over & hopefully get some adorable pup pictures. What? I have a weakness for pups!

What projects can you add to the FO Alert?

Now it’s time to move on to the next UFO on my list, a second ‘Scotty Pegg’ hat so that my sister-in-law won’t have to steal Josh’s anymore. I swear, ever since I received my Addi interchangeables I never want to stop knitting. Good thing I’ve semi-mastered the art of crafting while gaming!

Sanity Shrug Mis-Adventures

Do you ever have one of those days (or projects) where things just seem to always go wrong? I’ve been in an all-around funk for the last few months (in case you couldn’t tell from the blog silence), and the cherry on top of that funk was that I just couldn’t get into my crafting.

Then there was the 30-day Sweater Challenge.

I figured a goal with a deadline was just what I needed, but the funk fairy had other plans & hid all my size 7 circulars from me. But the shrug that will forever be known as my Sanity Shrug kept calling to me. So what did I do? Well when that 30 days were over & NaKniSweMo began, things finally started to fall into place. I got my new needles & knitting magic just started happening. Until a few days ago.

Sanity Shrug @ 17

My stitch gauge was spot on.

My row gauge was spot on.

These things never happen for me.

My first skein was disappearing fast. A little too fast. And I immediately realized that I should have bought that third skein I was on the fence about. Instead of being the over prepared crafter that I usually am, I decided to be the good knitter & follow the pattern exactly. And then the fear of not finishing yet another project started scaring my crafty brain.

For all of you non-crafting nerds, I should probably explain why the fear. On the labels for each skein there is some information printed on it, particularly the color name & dye lot. It doesn’t matter if every label says the exact same color name on it, if that dye lot code doesn’t match then be prepared for an ombre-esque project…whether you wanted one or not.

The dye lot gods are looking favorably on me!

So in an utter panic of having to start all over on this project, Josh rushed me to the same store I bought my 2 skeins at. I was prepared for the worst, since it had been almost 5 months since I bought those skeins. How many different shipments did they get in that lapse?! 

There was no way that I would find the exact dye lot again.

We dug through each bin with filled with that beautiful oatmeal color. 010. 010. 010. 010. 010. 001. My heart sank with each skein. And then we pulled the last skein, hiding under a few misplaced skeins, and angels started to sing! 004! 

Dye Lot Match

I think that’s my new favorite number…

Moral of the Story: Always be prepared is more than just a motto for the boy scouts. Because I’m not a boy, nor a scout.

What is your biggest crafting fear?