Goals | Good riddance 2013!

Just a few short days until we ring in the new year. Are you ready?

I started brainstorming my list of goals (or resolutions) weeks ago. I’ve been ready to say goodbye to 2013 for a while now & can’t wait to put the word new back into the New Year of 2014! Let’s just say that 2013 & I haven’t been on the best of terms & leave it at that.

2014 Resolutions
2014 New Years Resolutions notepad | via quotesandnotes on Etsy

While I’m not the kind of gal that enjoys scrapbooking, I love the idea behind Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop. Choosing one little word to be the theme for you life in the new year. Sounds simple, but WOW can something so little have a huge impact on you.

Putting the “new” back in New Year!

So after going through the mental list of goals I want to accomplish in 2014, I could find one one super tiny word to have represent my next year: New.

  • Learn new techniques to challenge me in my knitting adventures.
  • Help Momma Bear open new Etsy shop(s).
  • Branch out my reading to new genres.
  • Try new things (activities, food, restaurants, etc.).
  • Find a new job.
  • Visit a new city.

And that list just keeps on growing with other new things I want to do or try. It seems like for so long I’ve been stuck in a routine & I want to change things up in 2014.

What’s your one little word for 2014?

I’ve still got a few tiny craft projects that I hope to finish before 2013 ends, but I’ve already gathered up a nice selection of books from my reading list to keep me busy on my day off. So I should be ready to get this new show on the road!

What goal on your list are  you most excited to start?

Quest Log: June 2013

Quest Log

Is it really June?! It doesn’t seem like it was more than a week ago that I started this blog & shared my first quest log, but here I am emptying my old log & filling up for a new month of adventures!

Last month taught me a very valuable lesson: planning is everything!

When you have a month filled with holidays & birthdays like we did, it’s best to not plan some huge quests. I live for the moments when I can cross things off my lists. But when I have those times that I go back over my list & see that not much can be marked out I feel kind of crappy. Oh well. I’ve learned my lesson & made sure to check the calendar before I added these quests to my log!


  • Work on the behind-the-scenes shop things for Momma Bear’s future shop.
  • Have a yard sale.


  • Design & make a light tent for product photography.
  • Sketch a few hat designs.


  • Complete the HTML, CSS & PHP tracks on Codecademy.
  • Start the blog design for Momma Bear.
  • Learn a few more advanced features on my DSLR.

This month is a little quieter for us with only one holiday & birthday, but now that the weather is gorgeous I find myself wanting to do some outdoor activities. Luckily there are quite a few quests that are perfect outdoor activities! I’ve cheated just a bit because I’ve already started planning for the yard sale this month, but there is still so much left to do. Who knew that this much planning actually goes into something like this?!

Did you blog about your monthly quests? If so, pretty please share the link so I can send you a little encouragement & be your questing buddy.

Weekend Plans with Old Friends

The Summer break has started in our little home now that the mister’s semester is officially over which has got me thinking about the things I want to do this summer. Of course we will be tending to our little garden which will help me experiment in the kitchen a wee bit. /* As much as my picky eating habits (which I’m trying to break) will allow. */ And hopefully taking a few little outings & road trips. But there’s another little quest from this month that I’m hoping will lead to a path of many more exciting things, which I plan on starting this weekend!

If you don’t know I’m a zombie job employee that has been dreaming of joining the living, which means that I have been dreaming about doing my own thing. Using my crafty skills & creativity to open a little online shop of geeky wares for amazing nerds. Ways for people like us to add a bit of geekery to our every day looks & life.

The other day while I was waiting for the clock to strike the 5:00 pm quitting time, I got an idea for a hat design for that future shop. So this weekend I’m going to spend a little quality time with some stash yarn & see if I can take that sketch from paper to the real deal. You see, I was actually pretty nervous about being able to complete my short list of quests for the month all because of the handcraftery ones. It seems like there is always something to throw a wrench in my crafty plans, as of late. So I couldn’t be happier to spend a little quality time with some dear old friends, crochet hooks & yarn.

And don’t worry, I will be spending some quality time with both Momma Bears this weekend but we are postponing the great festivities until next weekend. You see this baby bear takes after her Momma Bear. While I’m planning on spending a good chunk of the weekend with my hands on some yarn & pencils /* Gotta make notes if I plan on making some of these hats for ya’ll! */, Momma Bear will be enjoying the weekend in her cute little booth at a downtown festival selling her handcraftery.

Who knows? I may even take my project bag along with me & get some sage advice from my crafting guru, dear Momma Bear. One of many creative ladies in my life that formed me into the craftaholic that I am.

So what are your plans this weekend? Don’t forget to add spoiling your mothers to the list. And for all those mothers out there, I wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days!

/* Hopefully I get enough progress done this weekend so that I can share some pictures of the hat & talk about my design process. */

Quest Log: May 2013

Quest Log

Hey nerds! What awesome adventures do you have in the works for May?

After months of planning, sketching, coding & other good stuff, I am so very excited to get this month going. Now that all the behind the curtain stuff is mostly done, new goals can finally be made & worked on. And just think of all the awesome adventures we can go on now that Spring is in the air! Cookouts. Gardening. Camping. Long walks…on the beach? It’s time to soak in all the warm weather & sunshine now that it’s finally here. And it’s the perfect time for me to start tackling some of those awesome goals that I’ve been dreaming about for a while now!


  • Get Momma Bear’s Etsy shop designed & set up.
  • Make gardening attempt #1.
  • Take the first steps in my own nerd fitness routine (Couch to 5k).


  • Make a light tent for product photography.
  • Come up with a new hat design for the future shop.


  • Finish watching Firefly.
  • Get the mister caught up to me in Doctor Who.

I think that’s a pretty awesome list to get started on, don’t you? Well I guess it’s time to get geared up for our quests this month. And if you are the sharing type, I’d love to see what awesome adventures you have planned for May!

Did you blog about them? If so, pretty please share the link so I can send you a little encouragement & be your questing buddy.