Let’s Enhance Our Blogging Experience

If you look at this blog’s feed, you might realize it’s been over a month since I shared anything at all with you guys. My inability to say no, especially to family, has created an overwhelming amount of disorganization because there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. I bet some of you know the feeling.

Enough is enough!

While I would love to be able to call it quits at the zombie job, that’s just not possible right now, but something has got to give. One thing that I simply won’t give up is this blog! It’s my voice & my safe haven. However, since good old Father Time isn’t adding any more hours to our days, that means it’s time to get better organized with blogging too. And maybe spend a little quality time with my newish blog planner (a little DIY + a wonderful kit* I bought). But a planner and all my favorite pens aren’t enough to get things going, which is where you come in.

I recently listened to a podcast from HowTheyBlog.com about Mastermind Groups. I’ve heard many inspirational bloggers mention their mastermind groups before, but I had always thought I wasn’t the right kind of blogger for something like that. And then I listened to the podcast & realized that’s just crazy talk. All bloggers can benefit from the mastermind experience, because blogging is all about the connections we make! 

Where do you come in?

mastermind blogInstead of sitting here, twiddling my thumbs until I get asked to join the perfect mastermind group, I’ve decided that it’s time to get off my butt and initiate something for once in my life. It doesn’t matter what style of blog you have, if you have a desire to join a mastermind group then read on.

I should probably tell you a bit about the group, just so you know what you might be getting yourself into. So let’s revert to the usual questions every 5 year old asks:

Who: 4-6 bloggers (including myself) with the desire to connect & learn from others

What: A small, close-knit mastermind group focused on blogging.

When: Starting May 1st & lasting for 6 monthsBi-weekly, 1-2 hour hangouts + discussions on the group page.

Where: Google+

Why: Why not?! I find that any adventure (and let’s face it, blogging is definitely an adventure) is better when you can share the experience with friends. And sometimes those friends may have skills you need to help survive the adventure, or give you the swift kick you need to get out of your latest blogging funk. We will share in our struggles & our victories, because we are blogging to connect & connecting to blog.

How: If you can commit to the discussions & group meetings, all you need to do is fill out the form below.


Thank you for your interest!

I will be contacting everyone who applies to the mastermind group. If you have been selected, you will also be receiving an invitation via Google+ to join the community. If you have not been selected, I can try to help pair you with others or you can take the initiative to start your very own group.

*I am an affiliate for HowTheyBlog.com’s Blog Planning Kit. Any purchases made using my link will go to support my blog & live stream. Please know that I only affiliate with and support products that I truly believe in & would use myself.



  1. Kelsey says

    Yes! I am definitely interested in this! Signing up now. I could use all the help I can get, plus it looks like a great way to stay motivated. I thought having a planner was enough, but I was wrong. I will see if I can find others to be interested too!

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