Give That Papa Bear a Hug!

This Sunday is Father’s Day. A time when our Papa Bear’s have their moment in the spotlight, which is a rare thing for most dads. But we get the chance at least twice a year to celebrate them & say our ‘thank you’ to them for everything they have done for us. All the sacrifice. All the encouragement. All the love.

Despite the fact that Papa Bear gave me one of his worst traits /* big, skinny feet */ I have to say that I’m pretty darn lucky to be his daughter. You see, when I was a wee one, my Papa Bear was the one that stayed at home. And thanks to that, I have many wonderful memories of our time together. Whether it was being his boss while we took care of his Amway deliveries or I was giving him the messiest ‘do, I am so glad to have those special moments that I hold so dear.

And here I am 33 years later thinking of all the valuable things he’s taught me, including playing with my food. /* Trust me, if you haven’t played ‘mountains & roads’ in your mashed potatoes, you are missing out! */

But do you know the greatest thing about my Papa Bear? That not only does he encourage me to follow my dreams, but he is actually doing that himself! He spent years self-publishing a newsletter of his movie reviews, which eventually led to him becoming the amazing self-published author that I know today. While it may not be easy, it’s something he loves & works very hard to do. And I couldn’t be prouder!

So, dear Papa Bear, thank you! Thank you for trying to convince me to be a theater major (even when I didn’t listen). Thank you for encouraging me to try my own thing. And thanks for letting me make a mess of your hair.

And I want to wish all the other Papa Bears a very happy Father’s Day!

What are you doing this Father’s Day to celebrate your Papa Bear? Since my father-in-law is away on vacation, we are postponing our Father’s Day cookout for another weekend. But that doesn’t mean I will be doing nothing for Father’s Day, because I am definitely giving our Papa Bears phone calls to tell them how much I love them.


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