Choosing Your Next Anime-Friendly Craft Project

Ya’ll know that I hooked up for Habitual Homebody‘s June CAL a few weeks ago, right? Well ever since I started tangling up that yarn to make the bag I realized how much I missed making things. It used to be normal for me to have some sort of project with me at all times, just in case I got a spare chance to play with my yarn. And you thought that ‘be prepared’ was the Boy Scouts motto? They may have come up with it first but I have always felt you have to be ready for any break you can get to be creative.

Now that I’m finishing up the handles & about to turn that UFO into an FO, I think it’s time to start looking for my next project. Since the mister has recently gotten me addicted to another anime (Attack on Titan, for those of you who are looking to add another to your viewing list), this next project must be easy peasy. Why? Because I prefer my anime with English subtitles. You just never know how bad some of the dubs can be! So since I’ll be reading, I need something simple enough that it doesn’t require I watch my stitches like a hawk.

So what makes it easy peasy?

Well this is really subjective but if you are looking for a great project to work on while watching your favorite anime or sucked in by that latest Doctor Who adventure that you can’t take your eyes off of, follow these guidelines:

  1. Craft Type? There’s a simple answer, knitting! With crocheting you have to make sure you insert your hook into the correct stitch which can be a little difficult when your eyes are on those subtitles during an epic battle, but with knitting all your stitches are on your needles (or circular cable) so you just have to feel it out. And who knows what sorts of disasters would happen if you were painting, drawing or sewing!
  2. Yarn? Try to stay away from novelty yarns or yarns that split easily. When working with those types it’s very easy to pick up only a few of the plies or the bobbly fluff. Not only will that bug the perfectionists, but it could give your FO some weak spots in the fabric which would need repairs sooner.
  3. Pattern? A simple garter, stockinette or 2×2 rib is perfect for your easy peasy project. Basically any pattern that is repeatable or easy to memorize will work. Keep the reading for the subtitles!I would stay away from cables though because slipping those stitches can get a little tricky & you definitely don’t want to be dropping your stitches.

So after looking at my criteria for an easy peasy project while I thumb through the awesome Ravelry pattern database, I think I’ve finally found the next crafty experience during my anime watching adventures. And if you are as addicted to scarves a I am, it might be your perfect project.

photo credit: Softsweater

With a name like Terribly Simple, I would hope that it’s an easy peasy project. Now it’s the fun part! Deciding which yarn in my stash I want to get tangled in this time…If you don’t hear from me within the next 7 days, you might want to send a search party to my craft room.

What are some of your criteria for picking the perfect multi-tasking project? Share them in the comments below & help all of us find our next crafty project.


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