Guest Post | Tiki Room Inspired Flower Crown

Techically I’m back from vacation, but trying to re-acclimate myself with the zombie job life again. So here’s one more guest post for you from my friend Jenny, from Magic Cat Jenny. And she’s got an awesome DIY to share with us to get in the mood for some great summer festivities. Be sure to check out her great blog (and some of her epic make-up art)!

Hi, I’m Jenny and I love making things. I sew Nerdy Monsters and cosplay. I enjoy filming and editing my own video diaries and short films. I have far too many ideas and projects and my blog is where I organize them all. Here is a flower crown experiment I tried out the other day.

When I saw these fake flowers I knew they would make a great Disney’s Tiki Room inspired flower crown. Here’s how to make one of your own!


Step One: Collect your materials. You’ll need some fake flowers, a hot glue gun, scissors, and a headband.



Step Two: Pull the flowers off the plastic stem. Most fake flowers can be pulled off but you may have to cut them.



Step Three: Hot glue a large leaf to the base of your headband. This give it a bit more surface area to glue things to.



Step Four: Cut off the base of the flowers so they are flat. These flowers are pretty tall standing, which helps give it the tropical Tiki Room look. If you want your flower crown to look more classic, cut more off the base of the flower.



Step Five: Start hot gluing your flowers on the headband!



Step Six: Keep going till you like the look. You’re done! Rock your new flower crown to a Diensybounding trip or anywhere!



Thanks to Kelly for letting me guest post, and thank you for reading!
Come check me out on my blog or other social media sites, I love new friends. :)
Magic Cat Jenny

Guest Post | Geek Style at Work

While I’m on vacation from the zombie job, I asked a few friends to provide some awesome guest posts for you. Next on the line-up is my friend Kaitlin, from Zombies 4 Breakfast. And she’s got some great tips on letting your geek side shine at work, while still being stylish. Don’t forget to check out her amazing blog!

Dressed Up

Hi, I’m Kaitlin! I’m a geek, and I like to sneak my geeky gear into my work wardrobe. If you’d like to spice up your business casual looks with a little nerd-tastic awesomeness, then sit and listen, young padawan. I will teach you my ways…

Why Geek at Work? 

Word Desk

You might be wondering why it would be necessary to put in the effort to add geek and pop culture items into your work wardrobe. Well, I’ll be completely honest with you. It’s NOT necessary. You could wear the same white button downs and black slacks every day if you wanted to. But that’s boring, and if you’re going to spend 8 hours a day in an office, you might as well try to make it as fun as possible, right?

Besides, there may be other closeted nerds in your office, and sporting some subtle geek gear could help you break the ice with a coworker and start a new friendship.

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Guest Post | 3 Reasons to Get Outdoors

While I’m on vacation from the zombie job, I asked a few friends to provide some awesome guest posts for you. First up is my friend Kat, from ramble kat ramble. And she’s got some good reminders that I should probably step away from WildStar for a few and enjoy the great outdoors. And don’t forget to check out her awesome blog!

3 Reasons to Get Outdoors

Hi, my name is Kat and I write ramble kat ramble. It’s a place where I write about my outdoor adventures, my love of all things crafty, and my obsession with books! I also write about things I love and new things I try. Today, I am here to share with you my top 3 reasons to stop what you are doing and get outdoors!

Inspiration is everywhere. No, seriously: birds will be singing, trees will have awesome patterns in their leaves, mountains will be majestic. If you need inspiration my biggest tip is to go outside and look around. Whether you just go to the neighborhood park or you take a hike in the mountains, either way there is a world of inspiration to tap into if you just get outside.

You’ll be more active. You wont have the computer to sit in front of, or the tv to sit in front of, or even that book to sit and read. Just getting outside will make you more active because most outdoor activities require you to do more than sit there and be passive. Unless it’s a picnic, which is a totally acceptable passive outdoor activity but even then you probably had to walk a little to find the perfect picnic spot.

It’s good for your health. No seriously, here is an article from Harvard Medical School on the ways in which getting outdoors is good for your health. It says being outdoors makes you happier, improves concentration, and increases your Vitamin D levels.

Take some time to get outside today, these are just my top three reasons to go out and explore. The benefits of getting outdoors are endless! For more on getting outdoors you can check out some of my hiking adventures and my new essentials guide for hikers.

Picks of the Month | Vol. 1

So you know how I was thinking about doing an Anime of the Month feature? Well lately I’ve been finding so many other amazing things that I thought it was time to share them all. Because I love to share with my friends. And we are friends. Right, nerd? Without further ado, here’s some of my picks to enjoy for the next month:


Sword Art Online anime
Sword Art Online via Crunchyroll

When I first watched this anime, the MMO gamer in me was wishing that Nerve Gear would be real and not just in my dreams. Well, minus the whole perma-death thing.


The Dress Up Box makeup
via The Dress Up Box

The Dress Up Box is an amazing display of make up art, and holy freak is this blogger talented! I discovered this little gem thanks to Rock N Roll Bride’s picture on Instagram.


Colorful Keyboard DIY via Chica And Jo
Colorful Keyboard DIY via Chica And Jo

Last Fall we got a little creative with my computer case, spray painting it my favorite colors of pink and teal. If I don’t end up getting a new keyboard soon, I might spruce up my good ol’ G15 keyboard a little with a matching paint job.


WildStar Wallpaper via WildStar

I have literally been waiting years for this game to come out, and now release day is upon us (June 3rd). If you are entering Nexus, let me know so we can connect in game. Our crew is more than likely going to play Exile, and I know for a fact my first character is going to be a Medic (#iplaysupport).


Wreck-It Ralph movie poster
Wreck-It Ralph via

Keeping up with the game theme of the picks, I had to choose my all-time favorite movie Wreck-It Ralph (yes, it really is). I seriously have lost count how many times I’ve watched this movie, but does it really matter?

What are your picks for next month?

Life | Plans Change

So, last week, I had every intention of showing off an awesome WildStar-inspired nail art to prepare for release day (don’t worry, it will still make an appearance). But sometimes, there’s this thing called life that likes to get in the way of plans. But when I show you what was more important, I think you’ll forgive me.

Dade Murphy

You see that adorable face? Well, he wasn’t feeling so well last week. And just about every chance I would have to run out and get supplies, I had to stay with him and make sure we didn’t have to rush him to the vet. If you’re a furbaby parent, you know how horribly sick with worry you can become.

Dade & Skylar

Well, good news is that this weekend he was feeling better and no emergency vet visit was required. So we enjoyed a good chunk of the weekend roaming the back yard. Okay, so Dade did the roaming and I took advantage of some cute photo opportunities with my new digital point-and-shoot.

Watching Skylar
Watching Skylar, waiting to pounce!

Of course, after a while, Dade was ready for me to quit with the pictures.

Grumpy Dade
So forgive me? If not yet, I can send you some more pictures with his pity face.